What AIESEC brought to me?

Recently I was asked to reply in 5 sentences what AIESEC brought to me. It was actually very interesting, to summarize 5 years of my experience in 5 sentences, however I did it and decided to share it in this post.

I was in AIESEC from 2010 to 2015, I joined the organization in order to get new connections and find easier a job, when I graduate. The fact is that I got a job thanks to my AIESEC experience, as well that I got many other job offers. The truth is as well that I visited 21 countries during that period, however none of these facts is the reason why I was an active AIESEC member for 5 years. The main reason of my connection with AIESEC are people, those people who have changed with me, who influenced me, who were influenced by me and whose lives I changed, these people are my friends for life even after my active AIESEC experience. Five years ago I wanted to be a programmer, today I want to be a person who develops others and changes the world. Everything that I know I observe as a tool for creating that better world.

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