Two types of people

Recently I had a chance to read a post about Serbian students from abroad “We will come back to Serbia if the situation gets better”. No offending, but I have to say that these types of texts always hurt me.

I was talking a lot of times about two types of people that I distinct in life. All of us have some things that we don’t like, something that hurts us and there is no a person on this world that can say “everything is absolutely perfect for me and I wouldn’t change anything”. However, the thing that differentiate us is how we approach these things that we don’t like.

The first group of people is the one that will drink a coffee and gossip about things that are wrong, talk about something that hurts them and then come back to their everyday life, without any concrete action to make a change, because “that is a role of someone else”.

The other group of people is the one that actually makes a concrete steps in order to produce a change. The easiest thing is to say “what can I do”, but you would be amazed by the fact how many people are actually making changes around us, but medias are not talking about them as much as about super stars from reality shows, or these people don’t require attention, they simply care and make actions. You can trigger a change on every single place, in the public transportation, or some other “more important” place.

That reminds me on a story about a German boy. There was a group of Germans and an entrepreneur was talking about the options not to pay taxes. The response of his younger friend was “If you don’t pay these taxes, how will I get quality educational system?”.

That is awareness that we miss the most. The awareness about the influence and the role that every individual has in our society. Everyone of us can make a change.

And yes, this text is written by a person that had and still has a lot of opportunities to leave Serbia forever. But I was always going abroad in order to get new knowledge, new experiences, meet new people and understand other cutlers and then I was coming back in order to make the same thing possible for other youth in Serbia.

Don’t worry, if you belong to the first group of people, you don’t need to admit it to anyone, and no-one is judging you, it is simply enough to make a small step and to start changing the things that you don’t like in your society.

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