The Power of Complementarity

No one is perfect. Neither you are. As soon as you accept that as the ultimate truth, your life will get much better. There is another truth as well – you are not the smartest guy in the world (ok, to be more precise, chances that you are are  0.00000000013514 (1 / 7,400,000,000). Anyway, it’s not such a sad fact at all.


Complementary – In this case, it doesn’t mean being totally opposite and not having any intersection, but combining in such a way as to enhance or emphasize the qualities of each other or another.

There are so many things in life that you don’t enjoy to do or that you are not good at. Imagine having a day fulfilled only with things that you enjoy. How is that possible at all?

Actually, it is very easy. Surround yourself with people who are complementary to you. Even though I have a leadership role, I am very comfortable with admitting that each one of my team members individually has certain skills which make her/him better in some areas than me. Also, I am very happy to learn from them every single day. Having that in mind is the very important aspect of the atmosphere in our team because we encourage diversity and different opinions.

You can apply that to your work, to your personal life, with your family, with your friends and in your relationship.

So, how to get the best out of complementarity?

Start with the self-awareness – The first step is to understand yourself and to become aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Once when you are comfortable to admit what are the things that you are not good at is the moment when you can start thinking about who can help you with it.

Having the world where everyone does what she/he loves to do you may call Utopia, however, it is your responsibility to create that world for yourself.

You can decide to find a coach who will help you in achieving things that you are not good at. Or you can assign tasks from your job description that you are not good at to your colleague who actually enjoys in doing it. Everything starts with a simple thought in mind “I am not good at it, but someone could help me with that”, or “I don’t like doing it, but someone does”.

And that is actually the main excuse why I never clean dust at home 🙂

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