The greatest salesman of the fog

Recently, I had a chance to walk with my friend from Zagreb – Leo in the center of Ho Chi Minh City before the AIESEC conference. Our friend who has an internship there showed us a park where tourists are sitting with local people and teaching them English. Walking through that park, one of our friends from European country asked, “Is it possible to live here with money that you gain from that job?”

He was shocked by the fact that this is a volunteering task and that these people teach each other for free. Leo had an interesting comment on that “We learnt on our continent even to sell a fog, and the main measure that we use is money.”

That sentence made me deeply think about these cultural differences between East and West. I came back to Belgrade believing that we are the greatest salesmen of the fog, or we learnt so much about it.

However, after a couple of days, I needed someone to help me in translating medical documentation of my brother from Serbian to Italian. That was the moment when I remembered an astounding group of people that is doing that for free, they helped me a lot one year ago, and they were there for me, again – Prevodilačko srce. And they are not the only one, during this year I met a lot of amazing people who supported us through this journey. Then I started to realize, in the world where the salesman of the fog is so common business, there are people that live and think differently.

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