Taking Care of ManageWP Customers

“I help people.”
“That’s really cool, are you a doctor?”
“Of course not…”

I am asked very often to explain what my job is actually about. And my simple answer causes a confusion.

I help people in a different way. Let’s say that most people in the world care about something and love to invest their time in that. My primary goal is to provide them ultimate help in managing their WordPress websites in order to save their time, so they can invest it in any way they wish.

And that is when the game starts. I’ve been with ManageWP for a year and during that time I made a list of my personal principles that lead me when I am working with our customers directly. All these principles are something that is very common in my ManageWP Customer Happiness Team, just explained in my words.

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of your customer – One day I’ve decided to make a small experiment. I did a quick analysis of mails and tickets received during my shift and realized that 36% of them were not ManageWP related at all. Does it make any difference to us? Of course not, our ultimate goal is to save user’s time by helping her/him to solve the problem. In ManageWP dashboard when submitting a ticket every user can choose her/his mood. The reason behind it is that we want to understand how our customer feels at that particular moment. Empathy is crucial for someone who is dealing with customer problems.
  2. Be honest – No matter how much experience I have or what my title is, I am never afraid to say when I don’t know something or when I am facing some situation for the first time. And I am very happy when I learn something new from our customers when we are solving a problem together. Everyone makes mistakes as well. There is only one thing that I can do at the moment when it happens to me – I apologize and offer another solution that I will personally take care of.
  3. Be yourself – We avoid using template answers and it can be strange for someone whose native language is not English, but we are trying to make every message personal and to put our personal approach and style in it. It doesn’t have anything to do with processes of course, as we are building our Customer Happiness team procedures based on our rich experience and we expand it almost on daily basis. At the end of the day, it is important for every user to feels that on the other side of the screen is a human and not a machine, and at the same time to build confidence.
  4. Think in different perspectives – In order to explain this in the simplest way, I will use an output from our company meeting – “Every glitch in ManageWP needs to hurt you, every problem that our customer is experiencing is your problem as well, you are his advocate in our team and you are the one responsible for finding a way how to solve it together.” That is a very powerful approach which makes you shape your opinion around many different perspectives. We have a Product Development team and one of our roles is to provide them constant feedback.
  5. Learn – One of the reasons why I enjoy my work so much is because it makes me learn something new every day. It is part of the company culture as well. We have our Open Library – collection of books on company building, entrepreneurship, engineering, UI/UX, growth hacking, customer happiness, and personal advancements. We open our doors to anyone who’d like to read the books, discuss them, or simply talk about things we learned from them. Every employee even has $10 for every book read and reviewed on keytakeaways.io blog. I enjoy taking notes during my day and going through them during the weekend.

These are my principles that we find very common in ManageWP. It is always an amazing feeling when I see on Twitter or in any other way that some of our users recognized our work. It is even more amazing when I feel that we helped them and fulfilled our mission.

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