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No two persons ever read the same book – Edmund Wilson

Reading a book is like re-writing it for yourself – Angela Carter

That is exactly the reason why Devana Technologies created the Key Takeaways blog.

I already shared with you the story of Devana Open Library, one more interesting part of our company culture is that each employee has $10 for every book read, and reviewed on blog policy.

In that way, company motivates us to read more and to work on our personal development. is open to contributions from everyone.

It’s a great way to capture your thoughts on the book and the most useful points whilst they are still fresh in your mind.

Writing them down also helps crystallize your thoughts and put them more firmly in you memory (a bit like writing notes in a training session) – plus it means you will have the notes readily available for future reference or something to later point your friends or colleagues.

Also, can help you in selecting the right book for you,  by checking reviews of others.

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