No-Shave November

It was March 7 2014, 7am, early morning at Tiršova (Children’s Hospital) in Belgrade. I still remember our conversation:

– Do you want me to come inside with you?

– No, it’s fine, wait for me here.

10 minutes later my brother went out.

– What did doctor say?

– He said I have cancer.

That was the beginning of the most challenging year of our lives, the hardest battle that we as a family were fighting and our greatest victory.

My brother is my personal hero, but during previous months I met many other heroes as well.

They are not people that you can see on TV, they are usually not celebrities, they don’t participate in any reality, our government usually doesn’t pay attention on them, but all of them are fighting the most important battles of their lives and I admire their attitude and their smiles.

November is coming to the end and this is the second year that I don’t shave for a month.

No-Shave November is a month-long journey during which participants forgo shaving and grooming in order to evoke conversation and raise cancer awareness. – Official Website

No Shave November Mission

I want to contribute to growing the awareness about cancer, as well to help these heroes that you are not able to hear about.

Who you can help?

This list was made by my personal experience and it covers organizations and suggestions that I am familiar with.

  1. Foundation “Budi Human” helps many people who fight their battles, check their website and get involved.
  2. NURDOR is the National Organization of Parents of Kids who Suffer from Cancer, you can check their activities and get involved.
  3. BELhospice aim to provide palliative care to terminally ill patients in Serbia in accordance to standards set by the World health Organisation (WHO) and European Council, to assist the process of education of relevant professionals as
    well as of the general public, to promote the concept of palliative care in Serbia and to encourage the wider community to support our work.
  4. You can always come to some kids hospital in your neighborhood and ask how you can contribute, or spend some time with children. Unfortunately, the situation out of Belgrade (and even in Belgrade) is devastating, so I won’t emphasize any particular clinic.

I am personally donating money to Petar Marković from Končarevo, a friend of my brother. He is a great 19 years old young man who is fighting with cancer for 3 years already. Petar received 31 chemotherapy so far. As doctors at our state clinic said that they don’t have needed treatment to help Petar further, his family continued their battle on their own without any support from our state. At the moment Petar is being treated at the private clinic in Belgrade and his family collects money to make necessary analysis in the US, each therapy costs 2000 euros per month and the following round of therapies which may help is 6000 euros per month. Petar is not able to walk at the moment, so his father needs to be next to him all the time and because of that he is not able to work. If you are able to help to Petar, you can donate money (his account is opened at Euro Banka). Thank you for your support!

Petar Marković – 250-4030026581200-32

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