Man is not born for failures

“I am scared. Sometimes I dream that everything is dark around me and that I don’t exist anymore, people are posting on my FB wall, I am laying and everyone is crying around me. But I snap out of it quickly. It doesn’t last for a long time. And when I think that I’m waking up without my leg, I close my eyes and I imagine that I shoot on the goal. And I know that I will win, I think positive.”

I don’t know if you ever asked yourself how does it look like when your life turns around for 180 degrees in one day. When everything that was important to you becomes just one part of your history. When you need to change, forget or adopt your dreams. Do you ever remember your 18th birthday and ask yourself how does it look like for someone who spent that important day completely attached to bed?

In most of the stories, a hero is an usual person and someone who reads the story can connect easily with that person. My hero never used to be usual, he has been extraordinary since always. But his greatness has changed with time. He is artistic kind of person and he is much more affectionate to people than me. He is living for these moments when he makes people laugh and everything that he was doing was connected to that – he used to dance traditional folklore for 10 years and he was really great in that. He could take his guitar and sing in front of others, he was dreaming about becoming an actor, he used to play water polo just because he liked it and he was lifeguard.

That is my brother, the greatest hero that I know and my biggest inspiration. And how does it look like when a child grows up in one single day?

That day was 7 of March, when we found out that he has a cancer. And that was the day when our greatest battle started. But, after initial shock that affects everyone who faces with this challenge, my brother became the strongest and the most positive person that I know. Since that day, whenever I asked him “How are you?”, I got an answer with his beautiful smile “Great and you?”. He started to dream another dreams, he will help others that need help, he will go to the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia even when he doesn’t have his therapy, just to be with other children. He won’t remove the smile off his face even when it hurts. He won’t show that he is scared, in order to make it easier for others. And he will win every battle.

And just like that, every morning when I wake up and look at the new day, I learnt to be grateful and my inspiration comes from my hero.

During these couple of months I learnt that there are many other people who suffer even more than my brother. And the point of this text is not to take pity on him. The point is to get inspired. And to realize how easy it can be to make a day to someone.

Because, as my brother wrote in his previous language test – “Man is not born for failures”.

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