How to Prioritize Your Day

Does it happen so often to you to have billion of things to do and you catch yourself feeling too nervous? I tested this method in previous days and it actually worked for me.

Write To-Do list

I start my day with simple writing of all things that need to be done. This might be done in the evening as well, for the upcoming day, however, I prefer to do it in the morning with a cup of coffee.

My To-Do list has four columns – the first one is for the name of the activity and the rest will be described in the following part. Try to be as concrete as possible, you can make a group of activities if needed as well.


In order to define which things should be done immediately, I use urgent / important method first.

For each activity I write 1 if it is important to be done (0 if not) and 1 if it is urgent to be done.

Additionally, I write estimated time needed to invest in fulfilling the activity.

Activities that have 2 as a sum are pushed at the top of the list.

Activities that have only urgent mark are put in the second part of the list.

Activities that have only important mark are left for the end of the day.

All activities that have both zeros are left for the Weekend List – those activities usually make me feel cool and I enjoy in doing them (that is most probably the reason why they found their place on the list), but obviously there is no point to waste my time on them when there are tons of other things to be done.

Plan your day

When you have finished with prioritization, you can check the estimated time for each activity and plan your day. Put activities in your Google Calendar (or some other tool that you use) and don’t forget to be focused. Turn off notifications and all other disturbers, simply invest your time in the activity that you scheduled your time for.

When you finish some activity, strike it out from the list, that will make you feel the accomplishment and don’t forget to put breaks between activities.

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