Leading a team – from the beginning

Recently I got a chance to lead a team. It is definitely not the first time that I am leading a team, however each experience is unique. And I must say that each of these experiences is hard in its own way.

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Operation Tampa – Meeting Our Clients

Let me share a secret with you – everything starts with your clients. So we went to Tampa, Florida, to talk to our clients and figure our how to help their business grow, so we could fund our project to send a rocket to the Moon.

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Your Twitter Account Is a Treasure Cove of Information

So you’ve got thousands of followers on Twitter. That’s pretty cool, congratulations!

Have you considered that they’re a lot more valuable than you think? A quick look into your followers can help you make smart decisions and fuel your growth.

Here is the link to my new post where you can read more about  it. Enjoy 🙂

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Taking Care of ManageWP Customers

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