5 Resources for Perfect Start With #WordPress

Every beginning is hard. First, you deal with the question “Why” and after you figure out that answer and you are clear that WordPress is perfect platform for you, “How” comes to your mind.

WP Tavern recently published the results of Bob Dunn’s survey that asked how people learn WordPress. Out of 428 responses, 63% learn WordPress best using text and images.

So I decided to make a list of 5 great resources for your perfect start with WordPress.

Mastering WordPress: 48 resources to go from newbie to pro

A great resource that will perfectly increase your skill set, step by step.


Many links in the previous blog post are leading to this enormous WordPress knowledge hub.

Tour of the WordPress Database

Understanding your WordPress Database in details.

Getting Started with WordPress Plugin Development: The Ultimate Guide

Create your first WordPress plugin – step by step.


Stay tuned for all news that are shaping the WordPress community, share your opinion and enjoy in the Plugin Discovery Tool or plan your WordPress trip with the Events Hub.

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