30 Days Blogging Challenge – Week One Results

As you may have noticed already, on November 1st I started a 30 days challenge – each day one blog post.

Each member of our Customer Happiness Team writes a post on her/his personal blog. Today I will share with you my key results from the first week of our team challenge.

Why This Challenge at All?

The main purpose of the challenge is to understand our customers. One of the essential skills of each Customer Happiness Engineer is Empathy, the ability to put yourself in the shoes of others.

That is why we wanted to use ManageWP in the way our customers use it, in order to feel the way they feel when they write their posts.


Week One Results

If we talk about Google Analytics, here are the first week results directly from my ManageWP Orion Dashboard:

Google Analytics graph Google Analytics stats

There is no need to comment each metric separately, however it is obvious that the number of website visits increased drastically, without any special campaign and promotion, simply by writing a blog post each day.

Beside analytics, my key takeaways (and points of improvements) from the first full week of blogging every day are:

  • Blog post titles affect your blog analytics and you should definitely think more than me in the previous week in order to pick the right title for your posts.
  • If you want to engage people on your blog (for example to share your post, or to subscribe to your blog), you need to include some “call to action”.
  • Scheduling my posts, tweeting more than once per post, and including proper hashtags may increase the traffic.
  • Trello cards for product improvements were created last week thanks to this challenge, so it definitely helped in improving our product.
  • Blogging is actually interesting 🙂

If I manage to implement these takeaways in the current week, it may be interesting to compare Week One & Week Two results.

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