30 Days Blogging Challenge – Touchdown

30 days, 29 days, 28 days… Touchdown! 30 Days Blogging Challenge is officially and successfully over! Let’s sum it up.

How it all started

In October I got a new role and a new team, so the November 30 Days Blogging Challenge started for all of us and my first blog posts were about the new leadership experience. We agreed that when someone misses a day donates 500 RSD to our jar and in December we will donate collected money to someone. We are 7 people at the Customer Happiness Team and so far we have 3000 RSD collected. We inspired our colleagues from other teams at Devana to contribute as well, so I may say that this experience was really nice for our team.

My Team

What I learnt, what could be better and key takeaways

Blogging is actually fun!

You may feel strange and uncomfortable at the beginning, you may think as well “who would read something that I write”. Write about what you like and dislike, share your thoughts and key learning points and soon after you will realize that you helped someone, inspired someone and that people appreciate your posts.


It is not always easy!

Try doing anything for 30 days and you will see that it is not so easy. Sometimes you will feel completely unmotivated to write, sometimes you will feel a huge pressure, sometimes it won’t be easy to find proper WiFi access, however the easiest way out is to quit. As I said in my blog post “Are Successful People Born or Made?“, successful people are those who don’t accept the failure as an option. Don’t quit your challenges.

Touchdown Football


Doing anything without a plan can be painful. And I didn’t have a plan for the whole month. Well, that’s not a secret, you could see it. My posts were inspired by my thoughts and that is fine, however my subscribers were missing the natural flow. They didn’t know what to expect tomorrow, and sometimes I didn’t either. Plan, like in sport, like in life.



Keep reading and improving yourself, this is not a cliche, it is actually the only way to find continuous inspiration.

Little Boy Reading

Write always!

Find your favorite place to write, set your equipment (iPad / tablet / laptop), install suitable applications, make it a routine, and write your notes all the time.



Before starting a challenge, prepare everything. It is not only about having the plan. I missed to optimize my website, and the result was the page load time which was going from 10 seconds to 15 seconds during November. Of course almost no one wanted to wait for 15 seconds to open my post and read it. I reduced it to 3 seconds, but the load time influenced my analytics of course.

Be Prepared

Google Analytics

The number of total visits and pageviews increased drastically in November. What you see in the following screenshot is the result of the 30 days blogging challenge only. I believe that it would be much better if I had a plan, clear target audience and if I optimized my website.

Successful people are those who don’t accept the failure as an option.

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